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Welcome y'all!  We are a beauty team based out

of Nashville, TN!  We have a fully equipped bridal team of artists and stylists specializing in on location luxury hair and makeup services

As owner and head artist at Primp This I have a true passion for people and a love for creating.  Clients are always convinced I must be obsessed with make-up. I always tell them it's quite the opposite.  Sure! I love makeup, but  I love people more!

I have found that listening to my clients and building trust is the key to an amazing bridal beauty experience.  My team prides ourselves in truly understanding our clients desires for their bridal look.  We will always give you our professional opinion but ultimately it is about creating the vision you have for your best self on your best day!  

There aren't a lot of things I love as much as a wedding and we would LOVE to spend the day with you!





 "She's personable and authentic while delivering  luxury professional results"

-Katherine W. 2018 bride. 

You can also follow Jessica's blog, Makeup & Musings,

all about beauty and her experiences in the makeup industry.

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